14 August 2011

at the moment it's raining as it does in the first picture. yesterday i arrived home by train from a fine and highly soothing week, afterwards i went to a restaurant to meet my family for pizza which was also nice.
now i'm sitting at my desk, thinking about the approaching end of holiday and what will happen after that. a few days ago i read something about "defensive Pessimisten" (defensive naysayers) in the magazine of a german drugstore (normally i think these free brochures full of direct and indirect commercials are quite odd but nevertheless i sometimes read in them). they said that it is not always bad to think the worst, in contrast there are people for whom it's good to deliberate many scenarios (mainly bad scenarios); it helps them to undergo these incidents more relaxed. i think this applys to me.

the paper swan in the second picture was my first real attempt to do origami. it was fun but now the swan is getting grayer and grayer due to dust. 


  1. schöne farben auf den bildern. die sehen ja aus wie von vor 40 jahren. toll!

  2. schöner schreibtisch und hübsche fotos. die farben find ich auch richtig gut.

  3. Das siebht wirklich gemütlich und schön aus! :)

  4. vielen dank :) das licht ist einfach eine glückliche kombination aus altem lampenschirm und dämmrigem regenwetter