"analog" is a scribbling pad I started in the end of 2010. No goal, no concept, no regularity. Sometimes I begin small projects like my so-called "Reykjav√≠k Ramblings". Sometimes I remain silent for months, a year, for what feels like a century. It's mostly about pictures and photography, though I wonder what all these images on the internet do to us. 

I'm a garden-loving girl whose second passion is interior design (this might explain my pinterest addiction). With an increased need for "vitamin sea", birch woods and tundra landscapes my inner compass is definitely showing north. I'm basically curious about everything but mostly immerse in all things culture- and design-related. I read less (books) than I would like to and don't really know what to make of this tiny web corner. Last but not least in this random enumeration: I'm thankful for all the opportunities I've already had in life and try to fight atelophobia and anxiety about the future as best I can.

Pleased to meet you here, I would offer a good cuppa if I could!