13 August 2014


These days are all about crafting. I have puzzled out some "home improvements" and started to restore an old chest I've had for years yesterday. It's such a boon to work with my hands again. Next will be a wardrobe to paint, a bench to build and a shelf to buy and modify (not sure how to put any of these into execution though - my tool skills are those of a toddler). Still I'm excited as the smell of freshly waxed pine wood is already wafting through my room!

Besides that I'm also fighting the wish to buy a (very expensive) heddle loom. Just look at this. I definitely feel the need to weave some scarves as christmas pressies for my siblings! I've also really gotten into the idea of making pottery... Twenty-four hours per day are far too less in my opinion.

Since I came across this post by Amelie today who made some letters out of concrete, the creative part of my mind is going wild with ideas. What about concrete bookends (I need some)? A concrete bowl? Or - as we were talking about christmas - some concrete angels or stars using forms like this or this one? Maybe even a concrete picture frame out of this form? And, while browsing the cardboard section, I stumbled across this petit suitcase. Would be perfect to cover it with beautiful paper or old wallpaper, methinks...

You see, it's impossible to concentrate on term papers with this going on.

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