10 June 2014


+   This Schirn-video about bohemian life in Montmartre around 1900.

+   One of the FvF-portraits I keep coming back to: Peter Raue. I think it disappeared from their site but here are still some photos available.

+   Collection "Ines" by Uniqlo.

+   Katrin's garden.

+   A documentary I want to watch: "Beltracchi: The Art of Forgery".

+   Indre's thoughts on living in terms of habitation - it's difficult to translate, as I don't know different English words for German "leben" (which roughly means being alive) and "wohnen" (the state of living in a home). In this context I first noticed the fun fact that Ikea's slogan in Germany ("Lebst du noch oder wohnst du schon?") doesn't work in English language area. It would be something like: "Are you still living or do you live already?"

+   Notebooks and hair of Jennifer Wiebking.

+   And: Superga shoes.

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