31 August 2012

i recently discovered "vierkanttretlager". they play nice music and their album "die natur greift an" has an exceptionally beautiful cover (click). my favourite song so far is "fotoalbum". they come from husum, the place where theodor storm came from as well - he wrote a poem about it: "die stadt" ("the town"). i've found a translation of the first stanza: "by the grey shore, by the grey sea,/ and set apart, lies the town;/ the fog lies heavy on the roofs,/ and through the stillness roars the sea,/ dully around the town." but i think it sounds better in german: "am grauen strand, am grauen meer/ und seitab liegt die stadt;/ der nebel drückt die dächer schwer,/ und durch die stille braust das meer/ eintönig um die stadt."

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