22 July 2012

i just read that two people from china have visited my blog, two from the united states, eighteen from germany, five from russia, two from switzerland and one person from the philippines. some time ago there have been people from israel, poland, southern europe and many other places. when i click on "statistics" every once in a while, i'm always captivated of this category ("page hits referred to countries") and wonder how all these folks stumbled across my little page... was it by accident or on purpose? how long did they stay? what did they think? what is their daily routine like? do they speak english? or even german? (has there ever been someone who understood my humble finnish?) how does the internet look like for chinese people? how does the "great firewall of china" work? and last but not least: do all these people like ice cream? 

if you like ice cream, then just imagine that i would buy you a sundae as pictured in the second photo above 
(it tasted really, really good!).


  1. so, hier mein regelmäßiger liebesbeweis:
    ich liebe es. und wenn du nicht bald einen fotoband veröffentlichst, der mindestens 49,99€ kostet dann bin ich richtig traurig